Artisan t Card/Weaver dit Card

Standard Ooerating Proced for Artisan t Card/Weaver dit Card
(MSMEI & Banking
Duare Sarkar camps for registration. After registration, he will collect
appropriate loan application form & will be properly guided for filling up.
Then he/she will be directed to the Banking counter at the camp.
Convenor Bank branch taking assistance from the Lead District Managers
will prepare a “Roster” to ensure attendance of the Bank branches operating
in that Block on the days of Duare Sarkar Camps.
ensure availability of adequate number of Mudra loan application forms (
Sishu /Kishore category) for Artisans (For Artisan Credit Card) and Weavers
(For Weaver Credit Card) at the counter on the Duare Sarkar camp days.
officials from MSME & T Department, will submit the loan application at the
Banking Counter along with necessary documents as per the checklist .The
concerned Artisan / Weaver after due registration at MSME counter can
also directly submit pre filled-in loan application at the Bank counter.
report acceptance / under process/ sanction/ status of number of such
loan applications under ACCI WCC on daily basis to the LDM.
development and submit the same to the SLBC group. Said reports having
cumulative figures wiil be prepared by Finance Department for submission
to the concerned DS official on daily basis.
in the present edition & all previous pending ACC/WCC applications of DS
editions would be scrutinised in respective Block level screening
committees. DM’s to ensure timely scheduling of BLSC, where the
applicants may be called for interview, if insisted by banks. BDOs may
handhold applicants who have missing /mismatching documents at
screening stage.
portal .Al1 Bank branches need to be told to update status (approve/ reiectl
pending ) in the Portal.
is distributed along with disbursement. In Last edition many banks didn’t
print cards during disbursement.

Updated: November 11, 2023 — 1:42 pm

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