Jai Johar Pension Scheme

Govt. of West Bengal
Tribal Development Department,
th Edition Duare Sarkar
SOPs in respect of disbursement of Pension under
Jai Johar Pension Scheme

  1. Additional Assistance and Support:
    Since the persons belonging to the ST Community who are the target group of
    Jai Johar Schemes may not be literate, they will need support and hand
    holding for explaining the contours and requirements of the scheme, filling up
    the forms and ensuring all information is correctly captured including ensuring
    the submission of all supporting documents.
    Special efforts are to be made in this context by the Jai Johar team in the
    Camp counter. The following are to be handed out to applicants:
    (a) A slip with the list of all documents required for enrolment under Jai
    Johar will be available on desk for handing out.
    (b) Stationery.
  2. Eligibility Criteria:
    (a) ST persons
    (b) above the age of 60 years
    (c) who are not getting any other social security pension/ pension from any
    other organization / Government Schemes.
  3. Documents to be submitted for enrolment at the Duare Sarkar Camp:
    (a) Duly filled application in prescribed format. (DS Camp Registration ID
    no. to be written on the application form in the white space – this is
    (b) Residential proof
    (c) Proof of belonging to ST Community (own caste certificate/ caste
    certificate of paternal linkage)
    (d) Bank account details with IFS Code of the applicant.
    (e) Applicant’s identification & Proof of age documents (AADHAAR)
    (f) Enrolment No. (Khadyasathi Card).
    (g) Applicant’s Mobile Number.
  4. Procedure for getting benefits/ inclusion in the scheme including
    (a) Filling of application (offline – at camp). Offline applications are
    uploaded in the portal (jaibangla.wb.gov.in) either through Block/
    Municipality/ SDO Office/ KMC. Before Uploading, checking to be done
    through search option of Jai Bangla Portal that the applicant is not
    getting this pension.
    (b) Ensuring capturing DS Camp Registration ID in the Departmental
    Scheme Portal. It is mandatory. To capture DS ID No. an additional
    field is available in the Departmental scheme portal.
    (c) Ensure for entering details of all applications received on P-Day, by
    P+1 day for appropriate reporting to the DS team.
    (d) Enquiry/Verification of applications at the block & Municipality (by
    BDO/SDO/Commissioner, KMC (for Kolkata) with the hard copies of
    supporting documents including bank account details. DS Camp
    Registration ID is to be inserted on the application.
    (e) Approval of Application at District level (online)/ Commissioner, KMC
    (for Kolkata). Approved lists are sent to state through portal (online).
    (f) Administrative sanction and disbursement at State Level (through
    (g) Credit of pension amount in the bank account of the beneficiary (DBT
    mode) latest by 20th April, 2023.
    Failed transactions occur due to quoting of wrong IFSC and/or wrong
    bank account number or mismatch in the name of account holder
    resulting in delay of disbursement. One should be careful on these
    De-duplication exercise to be done with P&RD, UDMA, SW, I&CA,
    Fisheries or any other pension of other Department by matching Name,
    Date of Birth or AADHAAR/ Khadyasathi No.
  5. Manning of Camps: Camps are to be set up in inaccessible and fur-flung
    areas to cover the left-out beneficiaries as per Socio-Economic Caste Census
    Data Analysis.
    The minimum skills/ knowledge required for manning the duties and
    responsibilities of the personnel deployed at the camps:
    (a) Camps will be set up by BDO Office with the help of Panchayat
    Samity (for rural), SDO Office with the help of Municipalities (for urban)
    and Commissioner, KMC in case of Kolkata.
    (b) Deployment of personnel – BDO Office (for rural), BDO/SDO Office
    (for Municipalities), Commissioner, KMC and DWO, Kolkata (for KMC)
    (c) Infrastructure Support – will be provided by BDO Office/ Panchayat
    Samity (for rural), SDO/ Municipalities Office (for urban),
    Commissioner, KMC and DWO, Kolkata (for KMC)
    (d) Skills & Knowledge – Inspector, BCW& TD/ Additional Inspector,
    BCW & TD/ Block Level Extension Officer will do the uploading of
    applications in the portal with the help of suitable persons.
  6. Check List for Officials deployed at Help Desk:
    The officials deployed at Help Desk will use the following check list:-
    No. Check List Whether received
    Duly filled application in prescribed format along with
    DS Camp Unique Registration ID Yes/No.
    2 Residential proof Yes/No.
    Proof of belonging to ST community (own caste
    certificate / caste certificate of paternal linkage) Yes/No.
    4 Bank Account details with IFS Code Yes/No.
    Applicant’s identification documents (Aadhaar / EPIC /
    Khadya Sathi / Swasthya Sathi Card) Yes/No.
    6 Applicant’s Mobile Number Yes/No.
  7. Duties and Responsibilities –
    (a) Uploading of applications in the portal (through Inspector, BCW &
    TD Login ID) and issuance of acknowledgment receipt–
    Inspector, BCW & TD/ Additional Inspector, BCW & TD/ authorised
    Extension Officer and KMC Office in case of KMC area.
    (b) Verification of application – Block/Commissioner, KMC Office
    (c) Approval of Application – DM/ Commissioner, KMC
    (d) Sanctioning authority – Tribal Development Department
    (e) Distribution of Subechha Barta – bearing the name of the recipient is
    to be delivered by the field level officer.

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