Kanyashree Prakalpa

“Duare Sarkar”
Department of Women & Child Development & Social Welfare
SOP: Kanyashree Prakalpa
For personnel at Help Desk : Points to be noted
The help desk for Kanyashree Prakalpa will be equipped with:

  1. Desk top/Lap top with dongle and printer
  2. Fresh Annual Scholarship (K1) and One-Time K2 application forms
  3. Slips with a list of all documents required for enrolment under Kanyashree to handout toapplicants (Annexure). 4. Kanyashree IEC materials displayed in the surrounding the area
  4. Stationery
    Services given from the Kanyashree help desk:
  5. Information: General information will be provided to those who ask for Kanyashreerelatedinformation
  6. Application to Kanyashree: Girls who want to apply to Kanyashree Prakalpa will beprovidedwith application forms which they can fill up and submit, along with photocopiesofalldocuments required. The acknowledgement slip (attached with the form) will be handedovertothe girl. 3. Grievance Redressal: Kanyashree related grievances will be dealt with using the thegirl’sKanyashree ID to track her application’s status, and grievance will be recorded and sortedout. Workflow:
    I. Information: To all those enquiring about Kanyashree, provide general information ontheschemeand hand over Kanyashree IEC to them
    II. Application to Kanyashree for Kanyashree Year 2023-24
    a. For fresh (first-time) applicant to Kanyashree
    i. Check whether her name is available for import from Banglar Sikhha portal
    ii. Provide the appropriate form with a slip listing the documents she needs tosubmitwith the filled up form. iii. Accept the filled-up form and enclosed documents,
    From 1
    st April, 2023, Kanyashree Year 2023-24 is being processed:
    For Kanyashree year 2023-24,  A girl will be eligible for K1 if she was born between 1
    st April’2006 and 31
    st March’2011 A girl will be eligible for K2, if she was born between 1
    st April’2005 and 31
    st March’2006. The previous Kanyashree years (2022-23 KY is closed now. For more information visit Kanyashree portal www.wbkanyashree.gov.in
    iv. Fill in the acknowledgment slip (attached to the application) formandhanditover to the applicant. b. For Kanyashree applicant who is already enrolled in the Scheme
    i. If she is eligible for ‘renewal’ of her K1, list her name, Kanyashree IDandschoolname
    ii. If she is eligible for ‘upgrade’ from K1 to K2, 1. Use her Kanyashree ID to download her K2 upgradation formfromtheKanyashree Portal
  7. Provide her with the form and slip listing the documents sheneedstosubmit with the filled up form. 3. Accept the filled-up form and enclosed documents, 4. Fill in the acknowledgment slip (attached to the application) formandhand it over to the applicant
    III. Grievance Redressal: For one who has any Kanyashree payment related or other grievance,Kanyashree 20 digit unique ID will be collected and status will be searched fromthe Kanyashreeportal www.wbkanyashree.gov.in. Annexure: List of all documents required for enrolment under Kanyashree
  8. Aadhar Card
  9. Birth Certificate from the appropriate authority
  10. Declaration by the HoI, If resident of JJ Home and currently not have the Birth
  11. Voter Card of Applicant
  12. Voter Card of Parents
  13. Enrollment declaration by HoI
  14. Declaration of unmarried status from parents for application for K1
  15. Self declaration of unmarried status for application for K2
  16. Copy of 1st page of Bank passbook (account should be in the name of the applicant
  17. Certificate of Disability by the appropriate authority, if applicant is specially abledwith40% or more disability
  18. Certificate of residence by Superintendent of JJ Home, if applicant is a resident of JJ
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