Matsyajibi Credit Card for Duare Sarkar

SOP on Matsyajibi Credit Card for Duare Sarkar
Pre-launch IEC activities:
 Forms for Matsyajeebi Ceredit Card will be printed in adequate number by Block
level officials and shall be handed over to the FEOs/District level officials of
Fisheries Department by 29.3.2023.
 FEOs/District level officials of Fisheries Department will arrange for sensitization
programme at Block and GP level with all stakeholders, including Fishermen
Association/ Cooperative/SHG.
 Respective FEOs should also hold at least one round of meeting with concerned
bankers and arrive at a consensus regarding mode of enquiry/ inspection, bank wise
targets, deadlines for completing various stages of issuance of cards like sponsoring,
physical inspection, approval of cases, issuance of sanction letters etc. latest by
 At least one GP level meeting with all fishermen/fishers will be organised by FEOs by
29.3.2023 for explaining the benefits of MJCC and the procedure for filling up of the
 Wide propaganda of this for Matsyajeebi Ceredit Card will be made through miking,
distribution of leaflets and display of banners/festoons. Concerned FEOs (under
overall supervision of concerned ADFs) will be incharge of this IEC campaign.
 Care will be taken to ensure that the information is percolated to maximum number of
fishermen prior to 01.04.2023.

Activities in Duare Sarkar camps:
 On arrival at the DS camp, each applicant willl get a Unique Registration Number
(URN) as per DS protocol.
 One dedicated counter will be set up in each Duare Sarkar camp for receiving of
forms for MJCC. The counter will be manned by FEOs/officials engaged by Block
/District Administration.
 Filled-in applications for MJCC will be received from fishermen/fishers at these
camps. Officers manning the counter will preliminarily check whether the
applications have been properly filled in or not and will get mistakes corrected by the
 Blank application forms will also be distributed from these counters to fishermen
willing to apply for MJCC.
 Officers manning the counter will also render hand holding support to the fishermen
in filling up the forms, if any of them turn up with blank application forms.
Documents required:

  1. Two passport size recent photographs (not older than 6 months).
  2. Proof of Identity: Self attested photocopy of Voter’s ID card (EPIC)/
    Aadhaar Card/Biometric IC for fishermen/ Driving Licence/ PAN Card/ Passport
  3. Proof of Residence: Self attested photocopy of Voter’s ID card (EPIC)/ Aadhaar
    Card/ Recent telephone or electric bill/ Property tax receipt (not older than 2 months)/
    Biometric IC for fishermen/ Certificate issued by Govt. Authority or Local Panchayet
    or Municipalities etc. Driving Licence/ PAN Card/ Passport etc.
  4. Land schedule of pond (self attested).
  5. Documents related to the ownership of pond or copy of lease (duly certified by Gram
    Panchayat Pradhan or representative of concerned PRI) whichever is applicable.
    Processing of forms:
  6. Preliminary scrutiny of requisite documents will be made by official manning the
    counters at the time of receipt of application (D day). If any discrepancy be found ,
    the same is to be corrected forthwith.
  7. Field verification of cases received on any particular day (D day ) is to be completed,
    jointly by officials of Fisheries Department, bankers and peoples’ representatives ( or
    by such other members as may be decided at the Block/District level and acceptable
    by the bank branches), latest by D+4 day.
  8. If the applicant is indeed engaged in activities related to fisheries sector, not a
    defaulter of loan, previously availed of by him/herself and is not otherwise technically
    disqualified, the case should be sponsored by officials of Fisheries Department to
    concerned bank branch.
  9. This sponsoring of cases should be done latest by the fifth day of receipt of
    application at the camp (i.e. D+5 day).
  10. Concerned FEO will send SMSs as well as letters intimating the applicants about
    this sponsoring of MJCCs to bank branches latest by sixth day of receipt of
    application at the camp ( i.e. D+6 day).
  11. All cases are to be disposed of by banks within four days of receipt of the applications
    at the bank branches (i.e. by D+9 day, D being the day of receipt of application at the
  12. By the tenth day of receipt of applications at the camp ( i.e. D+10 day),
    Suvechha Barta and the sanction letters issued by banks are to be delivered to the
    concerned applicants by respective FEOs
  13. Concerned ADFs will compile data related to number of applications received,
    number of verified applications, number of applications enquired into, number of
    applications sponsored to banks and number of applications sanctioned/rejected on a
    daily basis. Data related to any date should invariably be compiled latest by 11.00
    a.m. of the following day.
  14. A team of officials at the State level will compile this data on each day and the Nodal
    Officer, MJCC will ensure uploading of the compiled data in the portal of Duare
    Sarkar by 12.00 noon of each day.
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