SOPs in respect of issuance of Caste Certificate

BCW Department, Govt. of West Bengal

Dated: 20.03.2023

SOPs in respect of issuance of Caste Certificate

1. Eligibility Criteria: People belong to SC/ST/OBC Caste/Community as recognised by Govt. of West Bengal.

2. Documents to be submitted for enrolment:

(a) Duly filled application in Form 1A (online/offline).  (DS Camp Registration id no. to be written on the application form in the white space – this is mandatory)

(b) Residential status in WB (Proof of considering West Bengal as state of origin): EPIC/Aadhar/Khadyasathi

                (c)  Proof as to belonging to a particular Caste/ Community: (paternal linkage)

                (d)  Proof of not belonging to creamy layer (in case of OBC)

                (e)  Applicant’s identification documents:  (Aadhaar /Aadhar Enrolment No /Khadya Sathi Card) any one

                (f)  Applicant’s Photo and Mobile Number

3. Procedure for getting benefits/ inclusion in the scheme including inquiry:

                (a) Filing of application through portal ( at Duare Sarkar Camp.

(b) Ensuring capturing DS Camp Registration ID in the Departmental Scheme Portal. It is mandatory. To capture DS ID No. an additional field is available in the Departmental scheme portal.

(c) Ensure for entering details of all applications received on P day, by P+2 day for appropriate reporting to the DS team.

(d) Verification of applications at Duare Sarkar Camp/ Block & Municipality (by BCW Inspectors)/DWO Office Kolkata (for KMC) with the hard copies of supporting documents and issue Form I. DS Camp Registration ID is to be inserted on Form I.

(e) If there is no supporting document then field level enquiry is conducted by Block & Municipality / DWO’s Office Kolkata (for KMC).

(f) After being satisfied of the eligibility of the applicant, Issuing Authority issues digitally signed Caste Certificate through online.

** (i) In case of lack of supporting documents those specific applications are disposed of through local enquiry & hearing.

    (ii) In case of linkage of the applicant is established through paternal side then the caste certificate is issued at the earliest.

4.  Manning of Camps – Camps are to be set up in inaccessible and fur-flung areas to cover the gap as per Socio Economic Caste Census Data Analysis.

                Manning of Camps is to be done with minimum skills/ knowledge regarding the schemes to cater to the people in hassle free manner.        

(a) Camps will be set up by BDO Office (for rural), SDO Office with the help of Municipalities (for urban) and Commissioner, KMC in case of Kolkata.

(b) Deployment of personnel – BDO Office (for rural), BDO/SDO Office (for Municipalities), Commissioner, KMC and DWO, Kolkata (for KMC)

(c) Infrastructure Support – will be provided by BDO Office (for rural), SDO/ Municipalities Office (for urban), Commissioner, KMC and DWO, Kolkata (for KMC)

(d) Skills & Knowledge – Inspector, BCW & TD/ Block Level Extension Officer/ Additional Inspector, BCW & TD will do the uploading of applications in the portal with the help of suitable persons.

5. Duties and Responsibilities –

(i) Uploading of applications in the portal (through Inspector, BCW & TD Login ID) and issuance of acknowledgment receipt – Inspector, BCW & TD, Additional Inspectors, BCW & TD/ authorised Extension Officer and suitable staff

(ii) Verification of application – Block/DWO, Kolkata Office, Thorough Check of persons with the surnames not specific to the caste for which application made

(iii) Recommending Authority – BDO (for rural)/ Inspector (for urban). Applications having other Caste surnames are to be scrutinized cautiously.

                (iv) Caste Certificate issuing authority – SDO (for District)/ DWO, Kolkata (for KMC) with DSC

(v) Distribution of Subechha Barta – bearing the name of the recipient is to be delivered by the field level officer.

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