Food &Supplies DepartmentGovernment of West BengalMemo no- 1239-FS/O/Sectt/IT-27/2020 Date- 22.03.2023KhadyasathiGuidelinesFor Infrastructure & Manpower Arrangements and Service DeliveryDuare Sarkar (DS)camp should be a pleasant experience for the beneficiaries. All efforts should bemade as per the guidelines mentioned here so that beneficiaries get due services through the campconveniently and promptly. The List of services to be provided […]

Artisan t Card/Weaver dit Card

Standard Ooerating Proced for Artisan t Card/Weaver dit Card(MSMEI & BankingDuare Sarkar camps for registration. After registration, he will collectappropriate loan application form & will be properly guided for filling up.Then he/she will be directed to the Banking counter at the camp.Convenor Bank branch taking assistance from the Lead District Managerswill prepare a “Roster” to […]

Rupashree Prakalpa

Duare Sarkar CampaignFAQ : Rupashree PrakalpaDepartment of WCD & SW, GoWBWho can apply for Rupashree benefit?Any woman can apply to this scheme who proposes to be married if her application satisfies thefollowing criteria:● She has attained the age of 18 years AND is unmarried on the date of submittingherapplication. ● The proposed marriage is her […]

Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana (BKSY)

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana (BKSY) for “DuareSarkar” Camp 2023-24Detailed Process Flow for registration of Farmers under BKSY at Duare Sarkar camp:- The benefits & conditions of the scheme shall be explained to all visiting farmers. All willing & interested farmers shall be provided with application form designed for Duare Sarkaras […]

Matsyajibi Credit Card for Duare Sarkar

SOP on Matsyajibi Credit Card for Duare SarkarPre-launch IEC activities: Forms for Matsyajeebi Ceredit Card will be printed in adequate number by Blocklevel officials and shall be handed over to the FEOs/District level officials ofFisheries Department by 29.3.2023. FEOs/District level officials of Fisheries Department will arrange for sensitizationprogramme at Block and GP level with all […]